It’s important to find a psychologist who can be helpful with the specific matters concerning you.

I work with adults, adolescents, and children and do a mix of individual, couples, and family therapy, depending on what would be most helpful. Sometimes it’s best to bring someone else into the session, whereas at other times it’s better to separate out and meet with just one person or just the parents, for example. I like to keep it flexible based on what’s going on and what we’re working on.

A well-trained psychologist can help clients with a range of matters, such as anxiety, depression, relationships, and school/work issues.

In addition to these areas, I have two areas of specialization: ADHD and couples/sex therapy.

Integrative Treatment for ADHD (ADD)

Based on my extensive writing and presenting (see my books site, I am best known for my work with teens and adults with ADHD. In addition to standard therapy techniques, we also address very practical matters like time management and boring but important matters like sleep. A deep and nuanced understanding of the many ways that ADHD impacts a person’s functioning is crucial to creating strategies that are more likely to be effective. In the process, we also work on creating a resilient mindset in order to bounce back from the inevitable setbacks in life and keep moving in a positive direction. I am also happy to work with your prescriber to get medication dialed in.

ADHD (ADD) Evaluations

I use a two-hour interview to assess the presence of ADHD. This involves establishing the presence of ADHD symptoms, as well as ensuring that the symptoms are not better explained by something else, such as anxiety or depression. I am always happy to include parents or romantic partners in the session, since they have helpful information as well as questions of their own. By doing a full two-hour session, we also have time to discuss how ADHD (if present) explains past difficulties, which strategies are most likely to be effective, treatment options, etc. If we meet in-person, I will also give you a copy of one of my books. My goal is for you to walk out with a better understanding of your past and a clear game plan for going forward. If medication is warranted, and we can discuss whether it is and what to expect, then I can write a letter to a prescriber.

Sex Therapy

I have received extensive specialized training and supervision in sex therapy so that I can work more effectively with couples and individuals to create a more satisfying sex life and relationship. Couples with more satisfying sex lives tend to have happier relationships overall–and vice versa. So we will work on both in order to maximize the benefit to both of you. And if you’re currently single, we will work on your individual sex life so you can feel more confident when you do include someone else. Sex can be a great source of pleasure and connection or of stress and disappointment, so it is often too important to ignore.

Couples Therapy

I have received additional training in working with couples which also helps even when seeing someone individually. Couples therapy can be more challenging than individual therapy, but also much more productive. I have a saying that a good relationship pushes you to become a better person. We don’t always enjoy the process, but it’s worth it if it gets us to something better. Relationships are a two-person job and both people have their part to play to improve it.

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