It’s important to find a psychologist who can be helpful with the specific matters concerning you. Check out the information below to help you decide if I am the right guy for the job. These brief descriptions don’t tell the full story so, as always, please feel free to contact me if you want more details. If it seems that another professional would be a better fit for your concerns, I am more than happy to provide you with the names of other local clinicians.

I work with adults, adolescents, and children and do a mix of individual, couples, and family therapy, depending on what would be most helpful. Sometimes it’s best to bring someone else into the session, whereas at other times it’s better to separate out and meet with just one person or just the parents, for example. I like to keep it flexible based on what’s going on and what we’re working on.


Areas of Specialty

A well trained psychologist can help clients with a range of matters, such as anxiety, depression, relationships, and school/work performance. In addition to these areas, I have two areas of specialization: ADHD and sex therapy.


Integrative Treatment for ADHD (ADD)

Based on my writing and presenting, I am best known for my work with clients with ADHD. In addition to standard therapy techniques, we also address very practical matters like organization and time management. A deep and nuanced understanding of the many ways that ADHD impacts a person’s functioning is crucial to creating strategies that are more likely to be effective. In the process, we also work on creating a resilient mindset in order to bounce back from the inevitable setbacks in life and keep moving in a positive  direction.

Writing Samples. You can get a taste of how I think by reading a sample chapter from two of my books:

More Attention, Less Deficit

Understand Your Brain, Get More Done

Presentation Samples. I have done  lot of presenting about ADHD and related topics, many of which are available online in various places. You can find some of them, as well as my podcast, on my other website,


ADHD (ADD) Evaluations

I use a two hour interview to assess the presence of ADHD. This involves establishing the presence of ADHD symptoms, as well as ensuring that the symptoms are not better explained by something else, such as anxiety or depression. I am always happy to include parents and romantic partners in the session, since they have helpful information as well as questions of their own. By doing a full two hour session, we also have time to discuss how ADHD (if present) explains past difficulties, which strategies are most likely to be effective, treatment options, etc. I will also give you a copy of one of my books. My goal is for you to walk out with a better understanding of your past and a clear game plan for going forward. If medication is warranted, and we can discuss  whether it is and what to expect, then I can fax a report to a prescriber.


Sex Therapy

I am a Certified Sex Therapist by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists. Earning this certification required extensive specialized training and supervision in sex therapy so that I can work more effectively with couples and individuals to create a more satisfying sex life and relationship. Couples with more satisfying sex lives tend to have happier relationships overall–and vice versa. So we will work on both in order to maximize the benefit to both of you. And if you’re currently single, we will work on your individual sex life so you can feel more confident when you do include someone else. Sex can be a great source of pleasure and connection or of stress and disappointment, so it is often too important to ignore.

Writing and Presentation Samples. I have a number of handouts and articles available related to sexuality, including my blog on Psychology Today. I have also done some presenting, some of which are available online. Check them out on my Sexuality Resources page.


Public Speaking

In addition to my work with clients, I greatly enjoy public speaking. Psychologists have a lot of useful information to share, whether it’s working one on one or standing in front of a crowd. Check out my Presentations page (under the Resume tab) to see the topics I have covered so far, but feel free to suggest others. I find that working with clients improves my presenting and writing and that presenting and writing improves my work with clients.


I use a very flexible approach in my work. I am focused on results and will apply a mixture of techniques to get there, based on what will be most helpful in the moment. My basic philosophy is that the only lasting change is one in which both people are happy. If one person is unhappy, it’s only a matter of time before the other person will be unhappy too. Therefore, I strive to achieve balance in relationships so everyone can get their needs met.


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