Finding Help

There are lots of psychologists out there, each with their own style and areas of expertise. The most important thing when choosing to see someone is the goodness of fit:

  • Is this psychologist competent in the areas that I need them to be (e.g., adult ADHD, school difficulties, sex therapy, etc.)?
  • Does this psychologist’s style work for me?
  • Do the logistical matters work out well (e.g., office location, ease of scheduling, etc.)?
  • Does this psychologist seem to really care about their clients?

Whether or not you are clear on what is getting in the way of feeling or functioning at your best, therapy can give you some new perspective and help you see solutions that were less obvious before. Therapy is like anything else–the more you put in, the more you get out. Think of it more as going to the gym than getting a haircut.

Therapy and Medication

As a psychologist, my first preference is to help people overcome their difficulties by talking them out, by trying new solutions to old problems. However, there are times when medication can provide a boost and better enable some people to do what they need to do. If this is something that we feel would be beneficial in your case, I am more than happy to refer you to a trusted prescriber or work with your existing clinicians. By working together, the three of us can dramatically improve the odds of your success.