Do you want to. . .

. . . enjoy life more?

. . . be more effective?

. . . have better relationships with family,  friends, and co-workers?

Therapy can give you. . .

. . . a better understanding of the past.

. . . better choices in the present.

. . . better living for the future.

Therapy can help you. . .

. . . do better at some things.

. . . feel better about the rest.

I believe in supporting people to help them make the best choices possible. By helping them to better understand themselves and their situations, they will have more options to create a lasting happiness. This means successfully pursuing their goals and enjoying life more.

We live in a complicated world, so it can be easy to get off track, even with good intentions and hard work. Sometimes we don’t know what to do to create a more satisfying life. Sometimes the solutions we try become part of the problem. The key to success in therapy is to point those good intentions in a direction that will lead to greater happiness. By meeting regularly with someone you trust, who understands you, and who supports your progress, you will move beyond the barriers that keep you from a more satisfying life.

Every psychologist has his own style of working with clients. Like most psychologists, I use a mix of techniques, depending on what will be most helpful for a particular client. I tend to focus on what is currently going on in clients’ lives, using a problem-solving style to create the desired change. However, I will also look at the patterns that a client has developed over time if that is helpful to the therapeutic process. I use a friendly and collaborative style to understand my clients’ situation and work towards solutions. A good sense of humor makes it all a little more fun, too, even when it’s pretty serious stuff we’re talking about.

I have put this website together to provide a sample of who I am and how I tend to work with my clients. My personality will come through in how this is organized and the way that I chose to express my thoughts. As you read through this material, think about whether you feel comfortable with me as a person and as a professional — that is one of the most important determinants of a successful therapy experience. Goodness of fit and trust in your therapist is crucial. If you don’t feel that we are a good match or if your needs fall outside of my areas of expertise, I can suggest a clinician who may better meet your needs.

So, click around my site and see what you think. If you like what you see or have questions, by all means feel free to call or email me to see if the chemistry is right.

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