Ari Tuckman, PsyD

  • Experienced psychologist
  • ADHD expert
  • Book author
  • International presenter
  • Media contributor
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Areas of Specialty

Teens and adults with ADHD

Close the gap between intentions and actions

Couples therapy

Enjoy each other more and work as a better team

Sex therapy

Feel more confident and enjoy this important part of life and relationships


I believe in supporting people to help them make the best choices possible. By helping them to better understand themselves and their situations, they will have more options to create a lasting happiness.

We live in a complicated world, so it can be easy to get off track, even with good intentions and hard work. Sometimes we don’t know what to do to create a more satisfying life. Sometimes the solutions we try become part of the problem. The key to success in therapy is to point those good intentions in a direction that will lead to greater happiness. I tend to focus on what is currently going on in clients’ lives, using a problem-solving style to create the desired change. Life keeps evolving, so let’s keep learning.

Books by Dr. Ari Tuckman