Barcelona, April 2016.

I have given over 350 presentations: everything from local PTA meetings to webinars to full day professional training seminars to keynotes at international conferences. I have been fortunate enough to present all over the US and in Mexico, England, Iceland, Sweden, Greece, Turkey, Denmark, Canada, and Spain. My goal is to provide scientifically accurate information in an understandable and useful way. I find that my clinical work helps me present more clearly and that presenting makes me a better clinician. Although I have presented on a range of subjects, I mostly tend to present about ADHD in one way or another, but have been increasingly presenting on sex and relationships.

Here’s a list of some of the topics that I have presented on:

Integrative Treatment for Adult ADHD

ADHD in Love and in Bed: Treating Couples When One Partner Has ADHD

Understanding and Applying the Science of Time Management

More Tech, More Talking: How Evolving Sex Tech Impacts Fidelity Agreements

An Executive Functions Model for the Diagnosis & Treatment of ADHD

ADHD Between the Sheets

ADHD, Relationships, Sexual Functioning. . . and a Survey?

Understand Your Brain, Get More Done: Executive Functions and ADHD

A Stronger Mindset for Life’s Challenges

What Are Your Favorite Lies?

Remember to Remember: Right Thing, Right Time, Right Place

How Executive Functions Affect Adult Relationships

Acceptance is Empowering: Change What You Can, Accept the Rest

The Psychology of Medication

Your Memory is Only as Good as Your Attention

Organizing the ADHD Brain

A Happy Relationship in Twelve Jokes or Less

Motivation to Climb the Mountains

ADHD Across the Lifespan

Everyone Needs Friends: Even (Especially) Adults with ADHD

To Tell or Not To Tell: You’re OK But Others Might Not Be

Six Simple Rules: Fundamental Strategies to Overcome Inattention, Hyperactivity, and Impulsivity

Relationship Balance When One Person Has ADHD

Overcome the Triple Threat: ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression

ADHD is an Explanation, Not an Excuse

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