Sexuality Resources

The more you learn about sex, the better it will tend to be for you–and anyone you’re having it with. Therefore, I am providing some informative articles and recordings that may be beneficial. They also give you a sense of how I tend to think and work with clients so you can make a better informed decision about whether I am the right therapist for you.

General Sexuality

Check out my blog, Sex Matters, at for the most current list of my writings about sex and relationships.

Why Porn Can Be Good for Your Relationship. Quoted in article in The Daily Mail (UK).

What the Sex Robots Will Teach Us. Quoted in article on

Sexology podcast, three episodes:

BBXX podcast:

Brief articles or handouts that I have written about a particular topic:

What About Porn?: website or PDF

Boosting Low Desire: website or PDF

Negotiate Sexual Differences: website or PDF

Treating Erectile Disorder: website or PDF

Treating Premature Ejaculation: website or PDF

More Tech, More Talking: How Evolving Sex Tech Impacts Fidelity Agreements. Handout from my roundtable discussion at the National Sex Ed Conference: PDF.

Sexuality & ADHD

Most of my writing and presenting about sexuality began with how it related to couples where one person has ADHD. While some aspects are different from other couples, many of the same lessons still apply. Here is some of what I have done.


ADHD Makes Sex Even More Important: Four Big Ideas on

ADHD and Sex: Helping people with ADHD improve sexual connection and communication. Interview by Dr. Stephanie Sarkis on

How Having ADHD Can Impact Your Sex Life. Quoted in article on


A Parent’s Guide to Sexting, Texting, & Teens interview on

ADHD, Sex, and Healthy Relationships video interview with Melissa Orlov (scroll down for the  video).

ADHD, Sex & Intimacy on the ADHD reWired podcast (episode 55).

ADHD, Sex & Intimacy: Survey Results interview on the ADHD reWired podcast (episode 94).

ADHD and Sex: Between the Sheets, What Do We Know? interview on Attention Talk Radio.

ADHD and Sex: What We Are Learning interview on Attention Talk Radio.

ADHD, Sex, Intimacy, and Play, Oh Boy! interview on Attention Talk Radio.

ADHD, Masturbation, Its Value, and the Research interview on Attention Talk Radio.

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